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A New Release for Cassandra's Castle

A Limited Edition

After seeing the results of the poll I sent out, I’m thrilled you, my readers, are still excited about the young adult fantasy genre! As you know I’ve been re-releasing my series Ian’s Realm Saga as a tribute to it’s 10th anniversary, and I am in the process of rewriting each book, illustrating them, and giving them new covers. I’m also in the process of writing the conclusion of the saga, which has never seen the light of day! Since January I’ve been doing these releases on Kickstarter because that’s where the fantasy book lovers seem to be.

This next Kickstarter is Cassandra’s Castle turn. I have not, as of yet, decided when exactly I’m gong to launch, but I’m giving you the ability to have a sneak peek at the campaign and if it whets your appetite, up at the left top corner you can click the “Notify me at Launch” button to get word when it’s live.

Notify me on Launch

I put quite a bit of work in this story including the research, writing, editing, now illustrating, screenwriting, and also the labor spent on the trailer we filmed in 2015, the costumes, the organizing, the fund raising, the fencing sessions. So many people involved themselves in breathing life into it, but the book needs to be read. I'm excited to give it a boost this year, because I don't think enough people have turned the pages.

Among other things, the story has a theme: A rebellious teenager learns the consequences of a revolution.

Take a peek at the campaign if you would, and leave your thoughts if you care to. I would appreciate it. Join the excitement in the pre-prelaunch of Cassandra’s Castle.

Notify me on Launch

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Tuesday's Tellings | Fantasy Fridays
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