Dec 15, 2021 • 5M

A sample of next year's Fantasy Friday

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I know I told you that An Unconventional Mr. Peadlebody would begin Dec 17, but I’m going to wait until the first of the year to offer this book and audio for FANTASY FRIDAY’s newsletter. I think you’ll enjoy it.

Brad Wills, the narrator is phenomenal in this story. He even had me laughing in parts of the book I didn’t even know were funny!

Enjoy a sample clip above!

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A hilarious story about a dysfunctional vampire family. While Gerald is trying to solve a murder mystery, his sister-in-law is trying to cure the vampire curse and his nephew is attempting to disown his family and live a "normal" life. 

Campy, fun, for some reason the writing and characterization remind me of The Confederacy of the Dunces…This is a fun, imaginative book. It's well written and well told. " – review from Ingram Spark

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